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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: [Deployment] Directories
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2003 18:45:47 GMT
On Fri, 3 Oct 2003, n. alex rupp wrote:
> I'm not certain we're moving in the right direction with this, Aaron.

	Well, that's why I asked!

> > Next, if we want to support the best-case deployment behavior,
> > where old requests finish against the old code and new requests go against
> > the new code, we need to be able to maintain multiple versions of the same
> > application, at least temporarily.
> Two questions.
> 1.  Does the CMP engine already perform version handling for the persistence
> layer?

	I'm not sure what you mean.  If the logic in one of your session 
beans changes, and you redeply the app, but at the moment you deploy it 
there's a request in process, what happens?  I'm speculating that it would 
be best if the in-process request was fully resolved against the old 
session bean (possibly including calls out to other old session or entity 
beans), while new requests would resolve against the new version of the 
session bean (etc.).  So I'm not sure how CMP versioning would help.

	(BTW, we don't have to resolve this now; we can just barf any
in-process requests, but I thought it would be best to at least consider 
the issue up front.)

> 2.  Is, therefore, this problem limited to the servlet layer in the
> application?
> If both of these are true, then I suggest we leave servlet versioning to the
> servlet container and associated servlet framework providers.

	I don't think so, based on the session bean example above.

> I'm not sure we should be copying and shuffling entire archives around.  It
> seems like it would be very resource intensive and confusing for the end
> user.  Is there another way we could be thinking about this other than
> directories in the file system?  I believe the deploy directory is really
> just another part of the user interface and that the problems of
> classification and deployment should be separated from that UI and handled
> under the covers by the server.

	Okay...  but when an application is deployed through JSR-88, I 
need somewhere to put it (most likely not in the deploy directory).  I'd 
like to agree on where that should be.

	More coming in response to Jeremy's message...


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