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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject [Deployment] Application Deployment Status
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2003 22:34:00 GMT
	I've got most of the wiring in place now (the JSR-88 client can
talk to a remote server and there's plenty of DD plumbing [for EJBs
anyway]), but you still can't actually deploy an application.  I'm next
going to work on implementing the server-side JSR-88 features for
deployment.  That still won't solve the problem of the EJB container being
not ready, but one step at a time.

	Anyway, I've been keeping the Wiki page fairly up to date, and if
anyone is looking for something to do, there are a fair number of tasks
there (section 3.2 in particular).  It would be nice to get some help on 
the web DD writer and DConfigBeans since it looks like we might actually 
be able to deploy web apps in Jetty (is that right?).

	I will also need help on how JSR-77 works into all this.  I assume 
that if I deploy an "application" via JSR-88, then it has to expose itself 
through JSR-77.  I'm not sure what to use or extend or implement to make 
something visible via 77.  I'd also like to look into whether we can 
require authentication before someone starts using the JMX interface.


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