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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: Schema target name space
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2003 13:01:04 GMT
On Wed, 1 Oct 2003, Alan D. Cabrera wrote:
> The schema target namespace seems to be
> Shouldn't it be

	I think we need to discuss this.  I originally thought to use the  address.  But I've been burned
by the changing DTDs of "certain other products" enough that I then
decided it should be something more like where the first
version is the product version and the second version is the J2EE version
or something, since we'll need to support several J2EE versions in each
Geronimo version (though of course only one of them uses schemas so far).

	But I think many of the Geronimo schemas were changed to use the 
Sun namespace so they would all appear in one pool with the Sun tags.  
That is, you could use:


	Where you mix the Sun "entity" and "ejb-name" tags with the 
Geronimo "jndi-name" tag without needding to use namespaces:


	Of course, that's a bad example because Sun defines a "jndi-name" 
element, but you get the idea.

	On the other hand, we haven't done a very complete job, since now 
there's *both* a Sun "jndi-name" and a Geronimo "jndi-name", and you have 
to use one for the EJBs and the other for resolving references, which is 
the worst of both worlds, because you don't know which you're supposed to 
use until your validating parser barfs.  I think that could be fixed by 
changing the namespace declaration in geronimo-common.xsd.

	Anyway, my preference would be to declare all the Geronimo tags in
a Geronimo namespace.  If every app server decided to put its custom tags
in the J2EE namespace, there could be some fairly unpleasant collisions.  
I'm not yet decided whether we should repeat all the base Sun tags in a
big set of copy schemas (ick), or force the use of namespaces within the
Geronimo DD (ick).  I guess my real preference is to split the DDs back up
again so that's not a problem.  :)


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