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From Richard Monson-Haefel <>
Subject Re: JSR 109 implementation for Apache (can we have CVS)
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2003 21:06:07 GMT
Glad to help, but I have a couple of concerns. First, you have to be voted
in as a committer which requires some kind of process that I'm not entirely
sure was every established. Unless your a project founder you kind of have
to prove yourself first and then you'll get CVS privileges.

Another concern I have is that you are ready to sumbit code when I'm
entirely sure we have brainstormed enough on the subject. I don't want to a
stick in the mud, but I think we need to consider the design and do some
prototyping before we start to commit changes to the code base.

Is there some procedure for setting up a dumping ground for prototype code,
so that Ias, Sanjiva, and myself can check stuff in without worring about
impacting the Geronimo code base - kind of a dumping ground for discussion

On 10/29/03 6:39 AM, "Srinath Perera" <>

> Hi Richard;Luis,jeremy,All
> I think it is better if we can have CVS (some where) as we are
> writing code and need to share. I am not aware of the administrative
> side of that.   
> Can you help us with this.
> we never mind where cvs is as long as it exists; I think intially one of
> you or other Geranimo commiters (Luis jeremy) can shepherd in our code
> for us.
> Srinath

Richard Monson-Haefel
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  Enterprise JavaBeans, 4ed (O'Reilly 2004)
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