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From Juan Albisu <>
Subject RE: How to work with XMLs?
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2003 11:02:56 GMT
Bea say thar xmlbeans is "compatible with the JAXB specification" it covers 
Jaxb and more things. The RI of JAXB is only a RI to show how JAXB must 
work and i think that it canĀ“t be used in products. We can use XMLbeans and 
compile the schemas or we can use JaxMe that also implements the JAXB standar.
IMHO we just have to compile the dtd or the schemas and start working using 
the JAXB framework with the generated Interfaces. We can always change or 
choose the machine that makes jaxb work. Maybe we can start using xmlbeans 
as the base for jaxb.

At 10:38 03/10/2003 +0100, you wrote:
> > This is interesting. Which version of JAXB was used?
> > 1.0_ea   ?
> > 1.0_beta ?
> > 1.0      ?
>It was 1.0.
>We had another problem with JAXB as it uses a serialised
>version of the msv classes, conflicting with the version
>of msv that we already used through dom4j.  Needless to
>say these were internal msv classes that had been serialised
>and had changed with the more recent version used by dom4j :-)
>We have used dom4j extensively for parsing XML and are
>very happy with it.  It provides a nice interface, more
>intuitive than most IMHO.  Of course it doesn't generate
>any java classes :-)
>         Kev

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