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From Ludovic MaƮtre <>
Subject Re: JSR94
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 16:23:17 GMT
I'm pretty new to the Geronimo project but perhaps peoples want to use 
drools from codehaus since it is developed by some of the developer of 
geronimo, ins't it ?

Chris Perrin wrote:

>Because the JSR94 spec clearly specifies the use of J2EE as a target for
>running a rules engine, has anyone given any thoughts for providing a rules
>engine implementation that runs natively in Geronimo?
>Obviously something like this would be a service that the user would have to
>configure, but it might be useful to Geronimo users to have a JSR94
>compliant rules engine ready to go "out of the box."  If we ensured strict
>JSR94 compliance, then we could keep people from locking into a
>Geronimo-specific implementation if they wanted to migrate to another
>platform.  The rules engine might also have a standalone component which
>someone could use if they thought a Geronimo might be overkill for some
>If anyone thinks this is a worthwhile idea, I'll start cranking out some

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