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From Guillaume Sauthier <>
Subject Re: JSR 109 implementation for Apache
Date Fri, 24 Oct 2003 09:28:13 GMT
Ias wrote:
> > I'm already working on an Axis integration in a J2EE server
> > (JOnAS) for a JSR109 implementation. And we found some axis
> > limitations :
> > - jaxrpc mapping cannot be completely supported (only package
> > mapping and xml type mapping at this time). All stuff
> > concerning class generation (class mapping, method mapping)
> > cannot be handled directly with WSDL2Java.
> > - cannot change endpoint address of a port through the
> > ServiceLocator interface. (issu patched recently in CVS)
> >
> Those were exactly what I had to figure out. Now my prototype,
> org.apache.ws4j2ee.jaxrpcmapping delivers Wsdl2J2ee, J2eeEmitter, and
> J2eeXxxWriters different from those of org.apache.axis.wsdl.toJava. On the
> other hand, the new WSDL processor is based on Axis' WSDL2 framework, so you
> can consider this JAX-RPC mapping file parser as an customized extension of
> the framework.

That's how I figure the thing...

At this time, I use only the WSDL2Java tool to generate client sides
In addition to this, I generate server-config.wsdd files defining a list
of service, with jaxrpc handler from webservices.xml, ejb-jar.xml /
web.xml and mapping file (use package mapping and xml type mapping).
And same thing for the client-config.wsdd from web.xml/ejb-jar.xml
(service-ref) for the jaxrpc handler specified in service-ref.

I had to write my own EngineConfigurationFactory to load specified wsdd,
not default ones.

> > In short, I'm interrested to contribute for a new Axis tool (like
> > WSDL2Java) taking into account the jaxrpc mapping file. After
> > dev, this tool should be integrated/used into JOnAS as well
> > as Geronimo...
> >
> Please see JSR109Proposal at
> also including
> JAX-RPC mapping file parser proposal. I'm quite convinced that JOnAs also
> can make the full use of the parser.

I've seen this. Looks Greats. It's a big work !
Sure JOnAS can use this as replacement for WSDL2Java ...

> Thanks for your interest,
> Ias

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