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From Greg Wilkins <>
Subject Re: [webapp deployment] Progress (was Re: [Deployment] Application Deployment Status)
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2003 02:45:55 GMT

Aaron Mulder wrote:

> P.S. What good is all this flexibility when we know we'll have exactly
> EARs, WARs, EJB JARs, and RARs, and we need to specifically arrange
> ClassLoaders across them, and there are hardcoded constants for those
> module types in the J2EE 1.4 API?  It's not like you could/would just drop
> in a new xAR archive/component type.

Expect the unexpected.

We are already deploy services (eg WebContainer) and subservices (WebConnector,
RequestLog). So it is not just EARs, WARs, EJB JARs, and RARs.  I hope
in future to be deploying lots of other subservices like session distributors

If we have an extensible deployment mechanism then it can be extended
in all sorts of wonderful (and horrible) ways.

If we don't have an extensible deployment mechanism then we will only
ever deploy EARs, WARs, EJB JARs, and RARs.

Besides, I think having separate deployment classes for the different
things to deploy is good separation of concerns anyway - even if it was
not made extensible.

Note that I don't think that common deployment behaviour can go in an
Abstract base class, as we already have AbstractManagedObject that services
need to extend.  The common deployment behaviour will probly need to go
in a DeploymentSupport class or on the DeploymentController itself.


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