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From Greg Wilkins <>
Subject Re: [deployment] hot deploy scanning and redeployment
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2003 11:16:44 GMT

gianny DAMOUR wrote:

> Unfortunately, I've got some JSP compile issues (this is a well-know 
> issue, yet I would like to know why).

The issue is that jasper needs a real classpath to compile against and
cannot use a stack of classloaders.

The version of jetty currently out used creates a file classpath by
using the java.class.path system property and appending the known elements
from the WAR (WEB-INF/lib/* and WEB-INF/classes).

But this does not work in geronimo where many classpath elements are not
in the system classpath nor in the WAR classloader.

So the latest version of Jetty now has works out the file classpath for
jasper by walking the loader parent chain looking for URLClassloaders and
then converting the URLs to filenames (where possible).

This is in Jetty-4.2.14rc0 and a snapshot of Jetty-5 that I think
jan sent to james to get loaded as the ibiblio SNAPSHOT.   So once this
filters through JSPs will work (or you can just manually replace your
jetty jar in the respository).

James - has ibiblio been updated yet?

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