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From Pierre-Yves Gibello <>
Subject Re: [ObjectWeb architecture] Re: licenses for ObjectWeb components & Apache/OW collaboration
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2003 07:46:53 GMT
Miroslav Halas wrote:

>Brian and Jean-Bernard,
>maybe this is a silly question, but somewhere 
>( I have 
>read that one of the main purposes behind starting Geronimo project was 
>absence of ASF (or BSD like) licensed J2EE server. If Objectweb is 
>willing to change license on some of its components, maybe it would be 
>possible to change the license of Jonas as well.
>Question: Would that be possible / feasible at all ?
>In so then there would be no need to reimplement the whole J2EE stack 
>again just to use a different license.
>Not sure what are other reasons behind Geronimo, but if one of them is 
>to use already available J2EE stack components other than then ones 
>provided by Objectweb, wouldn't it be better to just improve Jonas to be 
>truly plug an play with ability to use for example different EJB 
>container (OpenEJB)?
I don't believe having multiple open-source J2EE projects is a loss of 
energy. Nor is it a war.

It is closer to sound competition, or "coopetition"; See how we at 
ObjectWeb already use apache components, like Tomcat; also, on the 
"political" ground, multiple actors have proven to be stronger, for 
example to make Sun's position evolve concerning certification.
Such a process makes each of us better, it's just like we are multiple 
participants to a  marathon race, a condition to run fast.

I am also convinced we - the IT industry - need even more than 2 
implementations to make open-source J2EE credible (at least 2 certified 
ones would be good). Then we'll be the big alternative to commercial app 

So, welcome Geronimo !

 Pierre-Yves Gibello - ExperLog (and ObjectWeb board)

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