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From Greg Wilkins <>
Subject Re: [webapp deployment] Progress (was Re: [Deployment] Application Deployment Status)
Date Sun, 05 Oct 2003 01:14:35 GMT

Jan Bartel wrote:

> You should now be able to deploy packed wars and exploded wars via the 
> normal geronimo deployment mechanism (ie dropping them in the 
> target/geronimo-DEV/deploy directory). At the moment, wars containing 
> uncompiled JSPs won't work, as an enhancement to Jetty is needed to 
> extract a suitable JSP compile classpath from the geronimo classloader 
> hierarchy before Jasper will be able to compile on-the-fly. Greg has 
> this patch nearly ready. 

Greg now has this patch ready and Jan has tested it and asked James to
update the Jetty-SNAPSHOT on imbiblio.

So when this is updated, we will need to switch from using the Jetty-4 jar
to using the Jetty-SNAPSHOT.  This will make JSPs work.

The other thing of note, is that I have finally ditched the Jetty logging
mechanism (which to be fair was written in 1996).  Jetty now uses commons
logging, so if you suddenly see a lot more gumpf coming out of your
TRACE and DEBUG - that is as expected and that gumpf was going on anway :-)


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