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From Greg Wilkins <>
Subject Re: [Deployment] IM Summary for Directory Issue
Date Sat, 04 Oct 2003 03:31:42 GMT

Aaron Mulder wrote:

 > 2) For each application module in the deploy directory, we will save the
 > Geronimo-specific DD outside the module, with a name based on the module
 > name ("foo.war" gets the DD "geronimo-deployment-foo.war.xml" or something
 > along those lines).
 > 3) We will add tags to the DD to hold the deployment state of the module.
 > When the module is distributed, started, stopped, etc. we will update the
 > DD accordingly.

While I like the idea of a flat file descriptors that describe the current
requested state of the system deployment.


I really don't like this trend we are developing for copy and modify of
data like deployment descriptors!

Why not simply have a deployment state descriptor for all geronimo services
that is stored in parallel directories to the deploy directories (what
ever they may end up being).

The deployment state descriptor would be common to all services and capture
all the jsr77/jsr88 stuff that it needs to.

I see no value in merging the deployment state with the deployment descriptors
(and I see little value in merging the geronimo deployment  descriptor with the
standard deployment descriptor).   We are going to end up with so many copies of
the standard descriptors - all of which persist of a server restart, that it is
going to be very very confusing.


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