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From Jacek Laskowski <>
Subject Re: How to work with MBeans?
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2003 06:13:42 GMT
Matt Kurjanowicz wrote:

> That's right...uses RMI over JRMP, look at etc\ if MC4J
> asks about JNDI stuff.
> Look at Dain's email in reply to my question of you get CL issues.

I should've been sent it earlier, at least right after Dianny Damour's
email where he descibed the problem with CL.

So to work with MBeans of Geronimo and EJTools JMX Browser do as follows:

1/ Copy MX4J libraries to <EJTools.JMX.Browser.HOME>/lib (if offline you
should have them in Maven's repository since Geronimo requires them to
build successfully)

2/ Build Geronimo (maven (re)build)

3/ Uncomment the following lines in

     <!-- RMI adaptor to support MX4J -->
     <mbean code=""
     <mbean code="mx4j.adaptor.rmi.jrmp.JRMPAdaptor"
         <attribute name="JNDIName">jrmp</attribute>

4/ Modify maven.xml file so that run:main goal (<classpath> element of
<goal name="run:main">) contains the line:

<pathelement path="${run.dir}/lib/geronimo-core-rmiclassloaderspi.jar"/>

5/ Run Geronimo

6/ Run EJTools JMX Browser (run.bat or in bin directory of the tool)

7/ In the JMX Browser, select File->New menu and choose MX4J 1.1.1
(JRMP) in "Choose a connection profile" pop-up window.

8/ New window shows up where it's possible to tweak JMX Server
properties. Don't change anything (but "Connection:" field where you may
enter "Apache Geronimo").
Press "Connect to the JMX Server"

9/ Voila, you're in!

Do you think I should create a Wiki page with the procedure? Perhaps,
"How to work with MBeans" would be a right name, shouldn't it?

> -Matt
> mkurjano at

Thanks for help.


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