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From Jan Bartel <>
Subject [webapp deployment] Progress (was Re: [Deployment] Application Deployment Status)
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2003 01:49:48 GMT
 > It would be nice to get some help on
 > the web DD writer and DConfigBeans since it looks like we might actually
 > be able to deploy web apps in Jetty (is that right?).
The "proper" (as opposed to the temporary Jetty integration) webapp 
deployment mechanism is available now in it's early stage. An 
integration with this mechanism for the Jetty web container is also 

To try it:

1. stop geronimo
2. remove the target/geronimo-DEV/deploy/jetty/jetty-service.xml file 
and replace it with the modules/web/src/dev-jetty-service.xml file
3. start geronimo

You should now be able to deploy packed wars and exploded wars via the 
normal geronimo deployment mechanism (ie dropping them in the 
target/geronimo-DEV/deploy directory). At the moment, wars containing 
uncompiled JSPs won't work, as an enhancement to Jetty is needed to 
extract a suitable JSP compile classpath from the geronimo classloader 
hierarchy before Jasper will be able to compile on-the-fly. Greg has 
this patch nearly ready. One caveat - I haven't had a chance to do much 
testing on this yet beyond dropping the geronimo-web-console.war into 
the deploy directory, so expect some surprises. Also be aware that there 
is no JNDI ENC support from the web deployer yet as there isn't (AFAIK) 
any datasources, ejbs etc yet within geronimo to put into such an ENC.

One valuable feature of the geronimo web deployment mechanism is that 
web layer objects such as listeners (aka connectors) and access logs are 
first class Geronimo services. This means that the configuration for 
them can be expressed in standard Geronimo mbean config syntax, rather 
than needing extra web-container specific config files. Here is the 
dev-jetty-service.xml file which contains all you need to get the Jetty 
container deployed and serving webapps on port 8088:

   <!-- ============================================================ -->
   <!-- Set up the Jetty-specific jars                               -->
   <!-- ============================================================ -->
   <class-space name="geronimo.system:role=ClassSpace,name=Jetty">
     <codebase url="file:lib/">
       <archive name="*"/>
     <codebase url="file:../../lib/">
       <archive name="geronimo-core-DEV.jar"/>
       <archive name="geronimo-common-DEV.jar"/>

   <!-- ============================================================ -->
   <!-- Set up a Jetty container                                     -->
   <!-- ============================================================ -->
   <mbean code="org.apache.geronimo.web.jetty.JettyWebContainer"
    <attribute type=""

   <!-- ============================================================ -->
   <!-- Set up a connector to listen for http requests               -->
   <!-- ============================================================ -->
   <mbean code="org.apache.geronimo.web.jetty.JettyWebConnector"
          name="jetty:role=WebConnector, port=8088">
     <attribute name="Port">8088</attribute>
     <depends name="jetty:role=WebContainer"/>

On my list for the very near future is:
+ support for undeploy
+ support for webdefaults
+ support for JSR88 required data for webapps
+ parsing of web.xml and geronimo-web.xml deployment descriptors
+ support for a geronimo web access log service
+ testing, testing, testing

The longer term:
+ more testing :-)
+ support for web apps deployed inside an ear
+ support for redeploy
+ support for registering context names with a listener which
   must be deployed on the container before the listener will
   accept connections
+ support for simultaneous deployment of different web containers (eg
   Jetty and Tomcat in parallel)

I will try to update all this on the Geronimo wiki in the next few days. 
Just thought as the subject came up, I'd give everyone an update on what 
is happening in web-app deployment land.


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