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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: [ObjectWeb architecture] Re: licenses for ObjectWeb components & Apache/OW collaboration
Date Mon, 06 Oct 2003 23:15:36 GMT
On Mon, 6 Oct 2003, Miroslav Halas wrote:
> Brian and Jean-Bernard,
> maybe this is a silly question, but somewhere
> ( I have
> read that one of the main purposes behind starting Geronimo project was
> absence of ASF (or BSD like) licensed J2EE server. If Objectweb is
> willing to change license on some of its components, maybe it would be
> possible to change the license of Jonas as well.
> Question: Would that be possible / feasible at all ?

I can't speak for ObjectWeb on licensing all of JOnAS under the BSD.  I
can say that even if they were to do so, there might still be good reason
to have an more than one BSD-licensed Sun-certified J2EE server.
"Duplication of effort" should be avoided of course, but even when writing
standards-conformant software, there can be genuinely different approaches
with different tradeoffs - speed vs. code complexity, for example, or
small runtime memory size versus everything else.  Furthermore, if two
teams are separately trying to solve the same problem, your odds of
finding the right answer are greater than if you just had one team of
similar size, and both teams can probably enjoy the fruits of the winning
team's efforts.

One thing I've suggested to a couple of others is the idea of an "open
source J2EE implementors' forum", a mailing list hosted some place
"neutral" (Jean-Pierre suggested, that makes sense to me) which
would be a place where developers from Geronimo, JOnAS, heck even JBoss
could discuss topics germane to any open source J2EE, from certification
to further code sharing to... who knows.


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