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From Andy Barnett <>
Subject Re: XML POJO Update (XMLBeans)
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2003 20:06:15 GMT
According to Commerce One, one of the benefits of XGen is that you
~cannot~ configure the binding process. They argue that since there is
only one non-configurable way for XGen to generate Java from XML, you
can better guarantee what comes out of the binding process. I don't know
how valid that argument is, but that's the gist of it that I got from
their propaganda.


On Thu, 2003-10-09 at 14:31, Bruce Snyder wrote:

> This one time, at band camp, Andy Barnett said:
> AB>There's even a comparison already done for you among XGen, Castor, Sun's
> AB>JAXB RI, and Breeze:
> AB>
> I spoke to Arnaud Blandin (committer for Castor XML (because I only
> work on Castor JDO)) about this review, and he said that the reason the
> reviewer states that Castor XML doesn't support feature X is because
> she did not configure Castor XML at all.
> Bruce

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