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From Greg Wilkins <>
Subject Re: incubation process and new committers
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 03:27:20 GMT

Greg Stein wrote:
> One answer might be to
> constitute the Geronimo PMC early, and get some of the right people into
> that PMC (e.g. geronimo committers + some incubator PMC members). 

Just as the geronimo project/community needs to be incubated into the apache
way - surely the geronimo PMC also needs to be helped into the apache way.

I think there is a good case for forming the geronimo PMC early - even if
it has limited powers and is subject to the incubator PMC.

The geronimo PMC could start functioning now and give recommendations to
the incubator PMC - who could accept/revise/vito as the case may be.
Thus the geronimo PMC would learn the ropes - just as the geronimo community is.

While I'm here... if we do move discussions of committers to a closed
PMC list - I think that the workings of the process must be made public.
The PMC should reveal:

  + That it is considering and discussing a nomination for person X.
    Inviting any comments from the community.
  + The result of that discussion/vote.
  + If the result is negative, I think the PMC should at give a public
    short reason and a private detailed response as to why the nomination was declined.


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