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From "gianny DAMOUR" <>
Subject Re: [newbie] JMX Console - where to start?
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 00:29:46 GMT
Alex wrote:

> > Finally, will your console operate on the JSR-77 objects through
> > the MEJB, or will you be sticking to "pure JMX"?  If the latter, will 
> > same JSR-77 components be available?
>I'd rather stick to the JMX interface until I know more about the
>requirements, but as things are situated now, delegating the JSR-77
>components to a different formatter would be very simple.  The components
>are already available through the MBeanServer interface.  The trick at this
>point is just presenting them in a more readable fashion.

AFAIK the JSR-77 managed objects are available through the MBeanServer 
because, OUR implementation defines them as MBean. Based on the JSR-77 
specifications, I've got the feeling that these objects are not required to 
be MBeans: it is not written explicitely that the managed objects MUST be 
exposed as JMX manageable resources. However, it is written explicitely that 
the MEJB exposes them as JMX manageable resources.

In other words, if one simply writes a JMX agent to interact with the JSR-77 
managed objects, then one makes an assumption on the implementation. 
However, to migrate from a MBeanServer implementation to a MEJB one is 
simple (if you have a business interface on top of the at least), hence, I assume that by now it 
is fine.


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