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From "gianny DAMOUR" <>
Subject Re: TM
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2003 00:05:47 GMT
On Tue, 23 Sep 2003 18:11:10 -0400, Andy Zeneski said:
>What are the plans for connection pooling?
I had a look to this feature and, based on my understanding of the JCA 
specficications, I think that connection pooling should be tackled by 
responding to the "Connection Management" section.

More accurately, whatever the interface - cci or non-cci a la 
javax.sql.DataSource  - it is possible to implement a generic connection 
pooling mechanism.

I tried to give a "fare" try to the DBCP package (I am definitively a brand 
new DBCP user) in order to implement the "Connection Management" section of 
the JCA specifications. And I was quickly stuck by the following issues (one 
more time, I am a new DBCP user):
- PoolableConnection is a physical connection wrapper. Such a wrapper is 
provided by a JDBC vendor, who packages its Driver as a Connector;
- I was unable to figure out how to get a LocalTransaction or a XAResource 
from a physical connection;
- I was unable to figure out how to update DBCP in order to support the 
ManagedConnection interface as pooled instances;  more accurately, the 
PoolableConnectionFactory.makeObject does not take as parameters a JAAS 
Subject and a ConnectionRequestInfo as required by the specifications; and
- I was unable to figure out how to plug the 
ManagedConnectionFactory.matchManagedConnection method.

So, I have decided to (re-)implement a connection pool, which was able to 
address all these points.

I have submitted an (ugly) patch preview (GERONIMO-90) showing how this 
generic implementation can be used to mount a pool of JDBC connection via 
the "Connection Management" contract of the JCA specifications. This 
implementation can also mount a pool of CCI compliant connections. Based on 
the fact that this perview is perhaps to ugly to be considered, I will clean 
it and submit a packaged version, say next week.

Regarding DBCP, I think that the pooling capabilities of PreparedStatement 
will be used.


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