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From "gianny DAMOUR" <>
Subject Re: TM
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2003 00:44:16 GMT
Bruce Snyder  said:
>As for Connection pooling, Gianny Amour and I have briefly discussed
>implementing this via use of the Jakarta Commons Pool.

[I have posted yesterday an answer regading the connection pooling features 
and unfortunately it is still pending somewhere... However, its content is 
more or less duplicated by this one]

Based on the JCA specifications, the connection pooling for cci and non-cci 
interfaces - a la javax.sql.DataSource - can be addressed by implementing 
the "Connection Management" section of the specfications.

I tried to give a "fair" try to DBCP (I am a new user) and I gave up for the 
following reasons:
- I was unable to figure out how to get a LocalTransaction or a XAResource 
from a physical connection;
- I was unable to figure out how to pass a JAAS Subject and a 
ConnectionRequestInfo to the factory in charge of the creation of physical 
connections. This is quite exactly the same problem for the commons-pool 
package: the factory for pooled objects takes no argument or a key in the 
case of a Keyed pool.
- I was unable to figure out how to plug the 
ManagedConnectionFactory.matchManagedConnection method.

Actually, I was able to figure out how to address these points, yet after a 
quick assessment I have decided to (re)implement it from scratch as it was 
quicker (I am new to DBCP).

I have submitted an "ugly" preview of this implementation of the "Connection 
Management" section in order to let you say "no, this is not what we want". 
Just right now, I am "cleaning" and "packaging" this implementation in order 
to be able to submit a more appealing proposal. I should be able to submit 
it next week.

But one more time, this implementation does not use DBCP and commons-pool. 
However, I strongly believe that the pooling capabilities of 
PreparedStatement offered by DBCP will be re-used.


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