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From "gianny DAMOUR" <>
Subject Re: [jsr77][core] AbstractContainer start dependancies
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2003 01:45:32 GMT
Greg Wilkins wrote:
>Jan has noticed that the current implementation of 
>creates a start dependancy so that the component must be started before the
>container is started.
I agree. This point has been logged on "24/Aug/03 12:03 AM" by the patch 
GERONIMO-14. An excerpt of the patch description:

"In order to implement this patch, I have updated some core components:
- AbstractComponent: this class extends now AbstractManagedObject and no 
more AbstractStateManageable.

- AbstractContainer: the addComponent has been updated. The parameters 
provided to the DependencyService.addStartDependency were not in the right 
order. More accurately, the components contained by a container were not 
started when one invoked startRecursive on the container.

I have escalated on "31/Aug/03 07:39 PM" this patch in order to have at 
least a partial commit:

"Priority has been heightened.

A partial commit should at least be applied:
- AbstractComponent should extend AbstractManagedObject.
- AbstractContainer should be updated: the call to 
DependencyService.addStartDependency is incorrect."

I have also requested to close this patch on "06/Sep/03 08:39 PM" as it is 
no more in sync with the code base (GeronimoMBean should be used to expose 
the J2EE managed objects).

Moreover, on "06/Sep/03 01:51 AM", the patch GERONIMO-73 had underlined this 
fact one more time:

"Actually, I wanted to patch some core components (AbstractComponent, 
AbstractContainer) because there is a bug (another story) already reported 
by GERONIMO-14, and I have decided to play it "safe" by using only the 
Dependency service features."

I should be able to release at the end of the week an implementation of the 
"Connection Management" section of the JCA specifications. I will post a 
long mail explaining its inner workings prior to submit it in order to make 
sure that committers are OK and will have a look to the patch...


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