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From "gianny DAMOUR" <>
Subject Re: [jira] Updated: (GERONIMO-96) JSR88 - JavaBean for ra.xml tags
Date Sun, 28 Sep 2003 23:45:33 GMT

Aaron Mulder said:
>  - Please raise architectural commentary ("blasting fast", etc.) on the
>mailing list instead of the description field of JIRA.  I don't think JIRA
>is the best forum to carry on that type of discussion.  If you want to
>follow up on this, I'm happy to discuss the reasons why we're not using
>Castor, XMLBeans, Digester, or Betwixt at the moment.  Note also that
>we're not committed to avoiding those alternatives indefinitely.
Sorry for that. So, here we are:

It seems that the JavaBean mirroring the DD tags have been manually 
generated. I agree on the fact that it allows a flexible approach, that it 
avoids code duplication et cetera. However, I still believe that it was a 
waste of time for most of it: from the schema, it could have been "blasting 
fast" to create all these JB. From these JB, which are not really handy due 
to the lack of inheritance (?), it could have been easy to implement a more 
developper friendly version by using composition. As a matter of fact, this 
idea was proposed and I am still trying to sort out why inheritance has been 
prefered over composition.

It is in my understanding that different proposals have been submitted and 
that the best one has been choosen. It is also in my understanding that I 
should have voice my concern at this moment instead of doing it now.

However, what was not right in the following approach:

XML Schema -- (generation tool a la XMLBean) --> (Dumb) JB -- (composition) 
--> (our clever) JB (for local deployment or for massive cluster 

In the other direction, JB to XML:

(our clever) JB -- (delegation) --> auto-generated JB -- (provided by the 
generation tool) --> XML

>  - It is not correct to describe the DD POJOs as part of JSR-88.  Perhaps
>I ought to write up a better description of JSR-88 so it's clear what is
>part of it and what is not -- I'll try to get this into the Wiki.  The
>JSR-88 implementation will *use* these JavaBeans, but it also uses logging
>and JMX and the J2EE schemas and an XML parser and more.
I agree. This is a misconception or a semantic issue. FYI, I read the 
specifications of JSR-88 this week-end, so I should be up-to-date on this 
front. Yet, thanks for that.


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