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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject Re: incubation process and new committers (was: [vote] Aaron Mulder as committer)
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 00:04:43 GMT
This one time, at band camp, Greg Stein said:

After reading these threads for quite a while and offering very little
commentary, I'm going to jump in with my two cents.

GS>Jason raises a good point, however: how does the Incubator PMC debate the
GS>merits of the various candidate committers? Are they familiar enough with
GS>the details? And this isn't even the half of it -- the PMC members paying
GS>attention to this list are a pretty strong subset of the entire PMC. So
GS>what is the resolution? Hard to say :-)  *That* discussion is an
GS>interesting one. There are two opposing items here:
GS>1) need for information to make a qualified judgement of committer status
GS>2) need for the PMC to be the responsible party for that decision
GS>This really only applies during Incubation, where the PMC members are not
GS>the incubated project's active committers. One answer might be to
GS>constitute the Geronimo PMC early, and get some of the right people into
GS>that PMC (e.g. geronimo committers + some incubator PMC members). That has
GS>a lot of ramifications, though, in terms of the overall ASF oversight that
GS>has been described elsewhere -- that PMC (and thus, the "new" geronimo
GS>committers) would need to start answering directly to the Board rather
GS>than getting its feet wet via the Incubator PMC. And the Board still needs
GS>the Incubator PMC to be involved, so there is potential for confusing
GS>lines of responsibility...

That being said, IMHO, there needs to be a closed mail list for the
discussion of project level processes and possibly even decisions. This
list should include the proper shephards as well as the 'new' Geronimo
committers. This would allow questions to be asked in a closed setting
so that there is no further application of processes deemed to be
incorrect. As stated above this list would only remain intact during the
incubation period because part of the terms of exiting the Incubator
would then be that there is a proper understanding and application of
ASF processes and the ASF way of life.

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