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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject Re: System Architecture Document
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2003 18:18:41 GMT
This one time, at band camp, Siddhartha Chandurkar said:

SC>    I have joined the mailing lists just yesterday,
SC>but I was going through the archives for past 1 1/2
SC>weeks. Since some of the work has already been done I
SC>wanted to understand the overall architecture vision
SC>and how the various modules which are under progress
SC>will colaberate. I was looking for a System
SC>Architecture Document. While browsing through the Wiki
SC>Web. I saw in the TODO list a requirement of the
SC>System Architecture Description Document. I have been
SC>working as a System Designer for the past 3 years,
SC>below is a template which I have formulated based on
SC>my past experience with prodcuts.  
SC>If there is no work going on this document. I can
SC>start contributing by writting this document.
SC>    Before I proceed,IMHO. I suggest that we should
SC>have some business drivers of the architecture written
SC>down. Even though these things are important for
SC>commercial products and this being an Open Source
SC>product. In my limited experience this really helps.
SC>This will give us a clear focus and we know the enemy
SC>which we are trying to conquer. (Sun Tzu - "Know your
SC>enemy"). Some of the points that we should consider
SC>are given below.
SC>Business Drivers
SC>+ Describe the business history, environment,
SC>requirements, market differentiators, stakeholders,
SC>current need. How the proposed system will meet those
SC>+ Business Constraints. e.g. time to market, customer
SC>needs and standards etc.
SC>+ Technical Constraints
SC>+ Quality attribute requirements and the business
SC>needs from they are derived from
SC>Having said that below is a proposed template for
SC>System Architecture Description. Some of the things
SC>might not be relevant or some sections might need to
SC>be added.

This is a fine idea and something that is sorely lacking from most Open
Source projects. IMO, a project as big as Geronimo needs this. Many
people spending large amounts of money on 'enterprise' commercial
software have come to expect such artifacts from commercial apps but
when an Open Source app delivers this type of forethought, research,
etc. it lends it that much more credibility. In short, it causes people
to change their mindset from believing that Open Source is just a bunch
of hackers with no plan to believing that there is an organized effort
and therefore true value in the project. This is not my belief I am
simply stating this as a demonstration of what I've heard working for
various companies through the years.

This document is definitely something that needs to be placed in the
Wiki so that others can contribute to it and it can grow.

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