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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: JMX Management Console
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2003 21:22:35 GMT
	Looking at the lists of goals on the Wiki, a number of the ones in
the first two groups revolve around managing server components.  My
experience with this with other products is that it's often inobvious what
to do with server components (not JSR-77, but the core services that make
up the app server).  The names are cryptic, and there's little indication
of what might be safe to change at runtime vs. what might inadvertantly
cripple the server.

	Do you have any thoughts about how to handle that?  Do you want to
avoid the server components for now and focus on the application and
managing the app server as a whole for now?  Or do you want to define
custom screens for individual components so the screen that lets you
restart JNDI (or whatever) also talks about the consequences?  And how
would you present server components vs. applications and application
components (hopefully not in one big alphabetical list!)?

	Perhaps you could take another pass at the Wiki and just break
down all the goals into individual bullets so we can mark their status
(whether it's done, someone working on it, etc.) independently.

	As far as coding goes, the first thing to do is figure out how to 
access all the goodies in from a remote client.  It looks 
like most everything is an interface at the moment -- my guess would be 
that it's not implemented yet on the server side -- anyone know more about 
the progress there?  Is there something we can poke just to make sure the 
communication works?

	Finally, I would also like to hear more about the web-based
console.  I'm not sure what state it's in and whether help is wanted.  We 
can plan to work on the command-line version for now, though it sounds 
like perhaps we have people interested in both.


On Tue, 2 Sep 2003, Matt Kurjanowicz wrote:
> It looks like Aaron was right in that the JMX code is quite easy to
> manage without writing some sort of middle-api that would exist between
> a JMX client and Geronimo components.  I've looked through a lot of the
> code in (in core) and the JMX looks simple enough to
> not need a proprietary API written.  I think the next step would be to
> get cracking at the console.  I can start writing commands for Twiddle
> (or at least trying to ;) ), or look more at N. Alex Rupp's web-based
> JMX console.
> Any opinions?

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