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From Thies Edeling <>
Subject Re: Who are working on the JMS integration
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2003 09:52:03 GMT
> > Hi, Stefan
> >    Thanks for response in advance. Well, I have some
> > questions:
> > 1. Which openjms version should we check out? (The
> > lastest version is openjms0.7.6 rc1
> > at
> wouldn't it be the best solution to just use a OpenJMS
> release instead of using the CVS sources. if possible
> the OpenJMS system should be considered as a black
> box system which means that you don't know most of
> the internals.

I think we should stick with 0.7.5 for the sake of it being a final
release. Nothing worse than evaluating OpenJMS while its codebase is still
changing. For a release candidate it probably won't change drastically but
any change in this phase is unwanted for us.

To keep our options open, which open source JMS imp's are alternatives for
OpenJMS? Most of my JMS experience is with Tibco RV, I'm not that aware of
open source implementations.


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