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Subject Re: [console] [web] Next round of changes and features
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2003 19:59:03 GMT

I just subscribed to the group.   I read that writing unit tests is a good
way to get started with the group.

I love to write unit tests using JUint.  Maybe I can help you.

I work on win2000 and use Websphere Application Developer IDE 5.1, Eclipse
2,1 IDE, and Sun One CE IDE.

 I have not download any of the project code yet, and really am not sure
how to do that and what is needed to compile it.

If you want me to write unit tests, let me know.

Jim Gamber

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Hello everyone,

I'm working on the console.web module and I would welcome any help,
especially from anyone with a good eye for graphic design and a lot of
experience writing JSP tag libraries.

I'm about to start on the next couple of features for the console.  It
involves extending what I've already done and adding the ability to change
the properties of an MBean.

Actually, I prepared a patch to fix some of the naming inconsistencies (I
don't think users should have to type "jmx-console" as a URL for the
application, but should rather have to type "console"), but I'm not certain
that I prepared the patch correctly.  I'm used to going straight through
CVS, so this was a little worrying.  I was hoping I could get some help
verifying the patch so I could check it into Jira and comfortably move
forward, but I know several of the committers are busy this week with their
"real" jobs so they won't have time to do this.

It is precisely for reasons like this that I was hesitant to commit the
console as a new module to the project in the first place.  I'm not certain
what the best route is for moving forward.  Proxy access via the committers
is a hassle for everyone involved, particularly since my work isn't
(to my knowledge) by any specification and is therefore not mission

Anyway, I'm going to get started on another round of features for the
console.  I'd like to add an application view and enable write access for
write-enabled fields.  I make heavy use of simple servlet technology and
technology (which I'm happy to expain if there are questions).  So, anyone
interested in helping me out should let me know.

Someone mentioned a while back that there was an SF project that built a
bunch of custom JSP tags for accessing JMX resources.  Does anyone know
anything more about that?

Looking forward to hearing from some of the newer faces.

N. Alex  Rupp (

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