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From "Jeremy Boynes" <>
Subject RE: Plan of Action (RE: committers (again))
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2003 15:26:28 GMT
> From: Michael Portnoy []

> I think a seperate e-mail list should be created for
> newbies or people who want to contribute.  So we
> can ask the "stupid" questions. and possible get
> somebody who could "mentor" us, if you will.  Just
> so we could get enough hand-holding to get us over
> the rough-spots.
> Of course that means that some of you "old-timers"
> must
> be willing to monitor the list and contribute. I know
> most of you old-timers didn't have anybody to hold
> your hand, but I do think it will be helpful to the
> people and the project.

When a project is a little more mature it is common to have both -user
and -dev lists, for former for discussions related to use of the project,
the latter related to the development of the project. The developers are
expected to hang out on both.

At this stage we have not reached even alpha stage for the code and so
virtually all the discussion is targeted at the development of the project.
We will probably add a -user list in the future.

As for asking "stupid" questions - go ahead. But if you're new to open
source, then I'd suggest reading ESR's guide to asking smart ones first.


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