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From "Jeremy Boynes" <>
Subject [vote] Process for adding committers
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2003 17:21:21 GMT
With two options on the table, I think we need to put this to bed quickly so
I am calling for a vote between the two following options:

Option #1 from Davanum Srinivas:
   Step #1: 1 week of Nominations.
            Existing committers can nominate new committers by
            sending a note to the dev mailing list.
   Step #2: One of the ASF sponsors consolidates the list of
            nominations and starts a VOTE on the dev
            mailing list. VOTE is open for 1 week.
            Existing committers can use +1/+0/-0/-1 to indicate
            their preference in an email to the dev mailing list.
   Step #3: ASF sponsor conveys the result of the VOTE to the
            incubator PMC and asks for permission to add the new

Option #2 from Ryan Ackley:
   Step #1: Any committer can propose someone as a committer at
            any time. The proposing committer generally lists
            their contributions and why they should be made a
   Step #2: Any current committer can vote on the new committer.
            The vote is open for 3 days and requires consensus
            ( three +1's and no -1's) as per
            (note this is a different link than Ryan's original)
   Step #3: A positive result is handled as per

We go with whichever option gets the highest score after three days (+1's
less -1's) unless the outcome is obvious.

My vote:
Option #1:
    -0 jboynes - I think we should use a standard process from the
                 beginning for all committers rather than a custom one

Option #2:
    +1 jboynes - It's the normal process

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