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From James Strachan <>
Subject MDB support
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2003 17:23:20 GMT
I'd like us to be able to deploy MDBs inside Geronimo ASAP - however 
I'm not totally sure how to go about this, hence this email :).

To properly manage JMS connections and the like we need the JCA 
implementation. Though until then I was gonna focus on the MDB hosting 
side, where we can treat MDBs as just like a special stateless session 

I've had a hunt around the code & it looks like the stateless session 
beans stuff is in the core module in o.a.g.ejb.cache, e.g. 
StatelessInstanceFactory right? First question - has anyone tried to 
deploy any stateless SBs into Geronimo yet? I couldn't find any test 
cases using it - is there something elsewhere I should be looking at?

Once we can deploy stateless SBs then I'd have thought doing MDBs 
should be similar yes? Basically I was just gonna do something 
extremely simple for now - write  a  dummy little JMS subscriber MBean 
that can mock the JCA connection manager until the JCA part is ready, 
and then get some MDBs working. Then folks could try hooking the mail 
stuff into the same MDB service.

So does this all sound like a reasonable plan? Anyone working on this 
stuff or on the EJB side of things care to correct any of my mistaken 


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