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From "Koller, Shmuel" <>
Subject RE: Ideas
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2003 08:26:13 GMT
I think BSF will get you only as far as Registering/Declaring objects and
call their methods -
not prolog activity of lookup for EJBs, and creating a local proxy object.

In comparing Java to the scripting languages which have BSF engine -
I would not call Java a system programming language,
a language which is not executed by way of source-string interpretation
hence a language with stronger/more-robust Typing and Runtime.

Last - the J2EE (and probably Geronimo) way to aggregate EJBs seems to be
business processes - 
look for current J2EE+ (beyond J2EE spec) deliverables from IBM + BEA in
this area
or wait for graduation of corresponding JSRs 
JSR 207  Process Definition for Java
JSR 208  Java Business Integration (JBI)
summarized below:
  With J2EE 1.4, both servlets and EJBs can implement WSDL ports and use
  WSDL ports. This has effectively overlaid a universal, message based
  composition model over J2EE components.

  JSR 207 will now take over the extension of this model to include the
  control flow, state management, compensation, and sync-asynch merger
  that is needed for stateful web services in general and business
  processes in particular.

  JSR 208 will define a WSDL based communications model that will be the
  core of a J2EE environment. This WSDL based model will be used to
  loosely couple coarse grained 'components' within a service as well as
  communicate with external services. 

Shmuel Koller

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From: LCS []
Sent: Wed, September 17, 2003 12:37 AM
Subject: Ideas

Hi All

I was wondering as to the possibilty of having native support in
Geronimo for scripting EJB methods in BSF languages.

I've allways thought it a little strange that a systems programming
language like java is used for business logic when there are arguably
better languages around for that sort of work.

I'm not aware of any standard supporting this but it might be a nice
selling point for Geronimo further down the track.

Best regards,

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