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From "Jon Barnett" <>
Subject RE: A thought on optimisation and project goals
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2003 15:51:09 GMT
My first post so please be kind :)

If I might suggest that at reasonable intervals in the development cycle,
that point 4 is considered.

The choice of data structures used and the manner in which they are used
affect both memory and speed. For example, if you are moving through a
collection in the manner of a list (top to bottom, sequentially), it is
faster to use the list interface rather than the Collections interface.
Since most J2EE component management relies heavily on Collections of some
sort, it pays to revisit this every now and then, particularly if the data
structure is used extensively through the system. Otherwise, it might be a
nightmare to refactor all the systems it touches at the end of the first
production cut.

Unlike other languages, Java memory use impacts speed due to the
background garbage collection. So it would be advantageous to revisit
temporary memory use at the same time as reviewing data structures.

Can we have reasonable User/Administration documentation as a goal as

Just a few suggestions, as I would think that one would want to be
competitive in performance with commercial servers and have understandable
documentation for first time users and administrators. As always, free
advice is worth exactly that. :)

Best regards,


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> From: Khrishnamurthy, Sankar []
> Sent: Thursday, 11 September 2003 1:23 AM
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> Subject: RE: A thought on optimisation and project goals
> Alex,
> Amen! That is one cogent explanation that you make!
> My list would be
> 1) No changes
> 2) Easy to use and develop - Users
> 3) Easy to administer and maintain - Administrators
> 4) Efficient
> --
> Sankar

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