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From "Sagenschneider, Daniel A" <>
Subject RE: [XML][Deployment]POJO design?
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2003 02:09:12 GMT
Jeremy (to clarify),

Instead of having configuration data for an EJB living in only one namespace, why can't we
create appropriate namespaces for the particular requirements for each EJB.  Some examples
would be:

geronimo.<AppName>.<EjbName>.methods.<MethodIndex>		(for Session & Entity)
geronimo.<AppName>.<EjbName>.queue					(for MDBs)
geronimo.<AppName>.<EjbName>.timing					(for Timed Beans)

(Note if speed is an issue, we can create the following to obtain all configuration data in
one call - generally used at startup)

This hopefully will give us the freedom to maintain easy configuration interfaces, rather
than trying to come up with a generic inheritance model that will suit all.  (Designed well,
this should hopefully reduce code - due to reuse - not only in creating MBeans, but in creating
behaviour on this model).

The population of this information can be performed in any manor (sequential for SAX parsing),
in EJB blocks (from binary storage) or randomly (from properties file / deployment tool).
 We are thus not locked into any configuration persistance model leaving flexibility to use
any approach - the algorithm for loading configuration data, will also have an appropriate
mechanism to persist the configuration data.

Daniel Sagenschneider

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