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From "Sagenschneider, Daniel A" <>
Subject RE: [XML][Deployment]POJO design?
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2003 04:42:20 GMT

I was just stressing the point of collaboration rather than inheritance.  Collaboration allows
us to configure in a much more flexible manor and thus not be restricted by inheritance -
especially in trying to find generic models to suit Message Driven, Session, CMP, so forth.
 As we are (as always) programming to interfaces, the manor in which the information for the
POJOs is obtained is hidden beneath various layers of bridges which call on builders (allowing
ultimate flexibility when balancing memory, speed, and/or maintainability - i.e. binary vs
XML).  In otherwords do not bind configuration onto the interface of the POJOs but rather
have a bundle of POJOs for configuration each pertaining to a different aspect of the EJB.

This also allows for both the persisting and retrieval of the information to be performed
encapsulated away from Geronimo. In otherwords, why can't we utilise collaboration (and bridges)
and take various approaches to loading particular configurations (granted though it takes
more work, it's flexibility will provide for a greater community).  Initially we can focus
on one and then expand on those in separate modular projects to have different manors in which
to configure Geronimo that will allow everyone to be happy (instead of compromising).

Daniel Sagenschneider

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