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From "Sagenschneider, Daniel A" <>
Subject RE: [XML Parsing]
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 08:38:36 GMT
Then can we extend that through code generation (i.e. switch statements automatically generated
specific to the particular EJB) for the mapping of the appropriate EJB implemented method
on the server?  The generated code could be created at deployment and would be something as

class ParticularEnterpriseBeanMapper extends EnterpriseBeanMethodMapper {

void callImplementationMethod(ParticularEnterpriseBean ejbImplementationInstance
					, int methodIndex
					, Object[] arguments
					, /* potential objects for callback as statically required */) {
	// generic potential hookin calls
	switch(methodIndex) {

		case 1:
			// method specific potential hookin calls

									, (ArgumentTypeTwo)arguments[1]);	// hardcoded linkage - reducing memory and computation


	// generic potential hookin calls


This could be coded to be thread safe and thus have both a lower computation and memory overhead.
 We could even identify appropriate number ranges or better a separate namespace for the different
EJB methods (ie create, remove and so forth).

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