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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: [XML Parsing]
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 00:28:25 GMT
I think I forgot to respond to this one...

On Monday, September 1, 2003, at 09:45 PM, gianny DAMOUR wrote:

>> Yes.  The MBean implements ManagedObject and provides a mapping of 
>> attributes and operations to any number of target POJOs.  I also 
>> added support for caching attributes so the number of method calls is 
>> smaller.  It uses cglib MethodProxy so it is super pretty fast anyway 
>> (single hash map lookup it the slow part).
> Awesome.
> Just for my information, why have you decided to re-implement a base 
> class for DynamicMBeans? MX4J comes with an helper class, namely 
> AbstractDynamicMBean, which does the job. Actually, one still need to 
> enhance this implementation in order to support multiple "resources" 
> and override getAttribute(s) to support caching.

I wrote a new implementation from the ground up.  It uses cglib method 
proxies at the core and has easy to use MBean*Info classes.

> It is true that MethodProxy is super fast (I also gave it a try), 
> however - I may be wrong here - the number of hits on the Manageable 
> Objects will not be significant enought to see a true performance 
> improvement.

It really depends on how we implement things.  There may be some 
services that get hit often (especially if you have a monitoring 
application).  Using a MethodProxy is just as easy a using reflections 
so I will most likely always use it.


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