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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: [wiki] I really think we should use the codehaus wiki
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 22:11:33 GMT
> If you move to use the Wiki on codehaus, you take data away from the 
> common
> place where everyone in the ASF can search for things, and cross-link
> between projects.

Searching perhaps... but linking no.  You can interwiki to anything.

> If there is an issue with UseModWiki, it can be replaced.  All it 
> takes is
> someone willing to do it.  Steven Noels did the Cocoon wiki, which is 
> being
> moved onto an ASF machine.  If there is someone who wants to help move 
> the
> ASF Wiki onto a different Wiki system, that is something worth 
> discussing.

UseModWiki is not very friendly or easy to look at.  MoinMoin is much 
better for producing readable wiki pages IMO.  Codehaus already had it 
setup so I just started using it.  If someone at Apache wants to set it 
up that would be fine... but I am starting to get the impression that 
things do not change very quickly so it is easier to use Codehaus for 
now.  If MoinMoin gets setup on an Apache machine somewhere it should 
be trivial to move the wiki data.

I guess I am also a little weary about maintenance and additions to 
make the wiki more functional.  Right now I have more or less direct 
control over the wiki, so am free to add java syntax highlighters, 
translators or whatever.

But as always just my opinion ;-)


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