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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: ObjectWeb (was Re: ASM looks cool but LGPL)
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2003 11:58:17 GMT

On Monday, September 1, 2003, at 06:22  pm, Fran├žois LETELLIER 
(ObjectWeb) wrote:

> Hi all,
> well it's up to each organization to define its own policy. AFAIK, 
> there are discussions between ASF and ObjectWeb to find ways of coping 
> with license discrepancies because it's worth for technical reasons. 
> Apparently, people are not parochial, and both sides are ready to 
> envision the necessary steps. The idea is not to throw the baby away 
> with the bath water but instead to seize the opportunity of 
> cooperation - for JOnAS is already a J2EE-grade (though not 
> "certified") app server and the projects teams could bring some 
> expertise.
> James' point is good advocacy for the APL. However the question here 
> is not a question of license, but a question of policy. It'd be a 
> choice for JOnAS teams to change license (keeping in mind that all 
> copyright holders would have to agree), just as much as it'd be a 
> choice for Geronimo teams to take on then LGPL - or any other OSL.

Just to be clear. We have *no* choice at Apache. We *cannot* legally 
use any LGPL or GPL code.

> In my understanding, James argues that the LGPL drawback is its viral 
> aspect - which contaminates other pieces of software. However, 
> sticking to the APL-or-nothing standpoint is just as viral, since it 
> requires that all other pieces of software, for being taken aboard, be 
> under the same license flavor.

No. There are many licences that BSD / ASF style licences can work 
with. It just cannot work with LGPL or GPL. i.e. its just LGPL and GPL 
which are viral & can't work with other commercial or open source 

>  It's a conceptual shift from viral license to viral policy ;-) Hence 
> the need for case by case assessments and common thinking on possible 
> solutions.

I don't follow. Pretty much any other licence but *GPL would do. We're 
not asking you to use ASL - though BSD-compatible licences are cool - 
choose any other you like and we'll probably be able to work together. 
However stick with *GPL and we have no choice whatsoever, we can't use 
any *GPL software.


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