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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: [moving-code] Read Me
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2003 10:59:55 GMT
> The boot time required jars are now put in a bootlib directory (until 
> jason finds a better place for them).

Will look into this shortly.

> I think we need to quickly breakup the core module as it is getting 
> highly coupled.


> Also, we need to keep tighter control on the common module.  This 
> module should be reserved for truly cross cutting concerns and truly 
> tricky code.

Agreed... mostly.  Basically if 2 or more modules needs the same 
functionality which can be packed up into a class it should be placed 
in common.  That was the whole point of common in the first place, to 
avoid code duplication and to improve maintainability.

> The kernel module should also be keep very clean, as it directly 
> effects our ability to be used in small utility command, our 
> embedability and boot time.

Agreed, though I am worried that if we over minimize things it will 
limit our ability to make use of tested and functional code that exists 
already on the net.  If it comes down to it I will write a maven goal 
to suck out classes from jars to make mini jars with the required 


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