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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: [moving-code] Boot time services to kernel module
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2003 10:52:30 GMT
>> Collections are your friend too ;-)  ReferenceMap makes it super 
>> simple ti write memory friendly caches and such.
> Actually it is not by the fact to use a single class from the package 
> you have to suck down a half meg jar.

Me thinks XDoclet plugin makes uses of it and I am using ReferenceMap 
in my alpha task based MBeanProxyFactory to make the task cache memory 
friendly for the vm.  I think as we add new services that we will and 
to use more from commons-collections.

>> I would really not worry too much about the base size right now.  If 
>> it comes down to it we can scape out the goodies we need into a 
>> smaller archive, but that is just more work and not worth it right 
>> now IMO.
> I disagree now is the time before things get too highly coupled (and 
> trust me I know things are very highly coupled right now).

Decoupling is good, though lets not be to excessive about it right now 
is what I am saying.  If in the end we find that only n classes are 
used from a common jar, then we can suck them out from the standard 
dependencies and ad make micro versions for releases.

BTW, why did the log bits get dropped back into the kernel module?


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