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From "Cabrera, Alan" <>
Subject FW: [vote]POJO design?
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2003 14:31:50 GMT

[-1] Greg's patch: A single tree of standard & geronimo elements 
[+1] Aaron's/Jeremy's patch: Dual concrete trees 
[+0] Proposal of a concrete geronimo tree with abstract standard tree.

Mixing Geronimo deployment information w/ the standard deployment
information strikes me as an awkward setup.  One reason, which Aaron just
mentioned, is that it makes it difficult to know what is a Geronimo field
and which is a standard field.  I have another reason.

The other week, I brought up a scenario whereby I had envisioned two
different Geronimo trees, one for a simple deployment, e.g. on an IDE, the
other for a highly complex deployment on a clustered production environment.
I thought that it would probably be a good idea to have two concrete
Geronimo trees and a single concrete standard tree.  My argument being that
if it's a good idea to keep the standard and Geronimo fields separate, then
it would be a good idea to keep different kinds of Geronimo deployment types

There has been a lot of email on this subject and it is difficult for me to
keep up.  What are the use cases that we are using to evaluate these three


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