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From Alex Blewitt <>
Subject How to get rid of bugs, the easy way.
Date Mon, 01 Sep 2003 17:48:18 GMT
Close them all as duplicates. No really, it happened.

For some strange reason, all of the bugs filed against JavaMail were 
marked as duplicates of an uber-bug "JavaMail improvements". Despite 
the fact that some of these were bugs in the spec interfaces, bugs in 
the implementation of the API classes, implementation in other 
non-JavaMail packages (like the Java Activation Framework) they were 
all marked as duplicates of uber-bug

Is there any point in using a flexible system that allows grouping and 
relating of issues when they are going to be closed anyway? Never mind 
the fact that all of the bug reports had patches, and in some cases, 
test classes -- all of this is now lost under the guise 'JavaMail 

This basically means we'll be lucky if most of them get put through, 
and even luckier if all of them get put through to the CVS server. 
Having a bug like this is just an irresponsible way of relating bugs in 
a bug-management system, especially when the bug-tracking system is 
perfectly capable of representing the bugs in their own state.

I believe that the following bugs are /not/ duplicates and should be 

Please will someone with JIRA access ensure that these are un-marked as 
duplicates and reopened. If someone wants to relate them all together 
into a generic JavaMail bug, then they can do so using the 'relate 
bugs' link item.


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