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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject [buildsystem] Added conditional test execution
Date Mon, 01 Sep 2003 18:52:00 GMT
This is related to some comments made by Dain a while ago.  I was 
spending entirely too much time waiting for tests to pass which had 
already passed before, so I added a some fluff to only run tests if 
bits under src/* have changed.

I personally commented on this before and thought it was a bad idea.  I 
objected because a depend could have changed and cause the tests to 
fail.  I changed my thinking on this, in that the tests for a module 
are for that modules code and not the depend.  If a depend module 
changes its tests should catch problems and such.

Anyways, you can set -Dmaven.test.force=true to bypass the check and 
get the default maven behavior.

Tests are a good thing and we should add more of them, but that should 
not be a hindrance to the build in general, so I added this hack to 
bypass if the tests ran successfully and none of the module's sources 


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