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From Chris Gerrard <>
Subject Re: [javamail] Failing tests - MailDateFormat
Date Sat, 06 Sep 2003 04:47:50 GMT
At 06:33 AM 9/5/2003, you wrote:
>On Friday, Sep 5, 2003, at 02:42 Europe/London, Dain Sundstrom wrote:
>>I fixed it.  In MailDateFormatTest, you are parsing a date into a Date 
>>object and then loading it into a Calendar to test that the parse was 
>>correct.  The problem is when you create the Date object you lose you 
>>time zone information, so when you create the Calendar it creates it in 
>>the machine timezone.  I'd bet you are in BST so it worked for you, but 
>>in any other timezone it fails.  I change the test to explicitly set the 
>>timezone on the new Calendar.
>| had a nasty feeling that timezones may be the issue. Don't you just love 
>unit (and international) testing that catches these glitches before they 
>go live :-)
>Well done.
>>I was personally surprised at workings of Calendar.  I suggest when ever 
>>we do Calendar tests we put the timezone somewhere in the middle of the 
>>Pacific Ocean.
>Yeah, good plan. What about -0300 as a time zone -- does that exist 
>anywhere? Or, alternatively, -0330, because timezones don't always have to 
>be on the hour boundary ...

If I'm not mistaken,
-0300 is Greenland and most of Brazil, and
-0330 is Newfoundland, Canada's easternmost province,
-1100 covers the Pacific Ocean just west of Hawaii and I don't think the 
International Date Line comes into play.
-0200 might be useful, just nips the east coast of Brazil and squeezes 
between Iceland and Greenland

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