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From Stephen McConnell <>
Subject Re: [vote] Aaron Mulder as committer
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2003 15:52:03 GMT

Richard Monson-Haefel wrote:

>On 9/11/03 12:48 PM, in article
>, "Jeremy Boynes"
><> wrote:
>>Aaron has been involved in Geronimo since its launch and has submitted
>>numerous patches. He has shown initiative in taking on areas that were not
>>being developed and that were likely to be needed imminently; for example,
>>implementation of JSR88 functionality, a command line deployer and EJB
>>verifier. He has actively participated in design discussions and has shown
>>an ability to work with other Contributors.
>>I would like to nominate Aaron Mulder as a Committer and here's my +1.
>>[ ] +1 - I agree.
>>[ ] +0 - I agree, but think we should wait until ...
>>[ ] -0 - I disagree, but not enough to stop the train.
>>[ ] -1 - I disagree and my reason(s) are/is ......
>+ 0

I'll throw in a non-binding +1 for Aaron as a committer.  I don't know 
Aarono from Adam but I have been following the process here and to be 
frank - Aaron's iniative, the posts that I've read, and responce to-date 
- are a positive sign that Geronimo isn't a club looking for a label.

>I'll be perfectly honest: I had reservations about Aaron when he started
>posting to the mailing list. He is a smart guy and always takes the
>initiative, but I've seem him become combative in the past. He hasn't been
>that way on this project, but than again he has been working hard to obtain
>commit access and doesn't want to piss anyone off before this vote takes
>place.  I can't give him a +1 but I can't disregard his contributions to
>this project either, so a -1 is inappropriate.
>There. That is honest feedback on a public list. I debated doing this. The
>fact that I debated speaking my mind at all, convinced me that private
>voting in the PMC is a must. 

Absolutely disagree.

As soon  as you let a PMC make decisions behind closed doors - then your 
asking for trouble.  A PMC is there to handle either (a) dull, boring, 
mindless administrata, or (b) nasty stuff that you really don't want to 
know about.  Anything in between should be for the community to decide 
and if that causes some flack - so be it.

Cheers, Steve.

(who is someone who has been combative from time to time and does not 
feel obliged to appolagise for it)


>You want honesty in a public forum, then people
>are going to be hurt -- or at least offended.  I'm sorry, Aaron if this has
>offended or embarrassed you in any way. I felt compelled to be honest.
>Apparently David Blevins and others feel you deserve commit access ... I
>respect there opinions and won't object.


Stephen J. McConnell

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