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From Bill de hÓra <>
Subject Re: Geronimo Deployment Descriptors -- and premature optimisation
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2003 13:33:09 GMT
Dain Sundstrom wrote:
> Alex in an embedded system you may only have a small prom available to  
> boot from.  Specifically, you may want to ditch the 1 meg for an XML  
> parser.  You may also have a small amount of memory and XML parsers are  
> known for being memory pigs (which is fine in a normal server).


I'd make the argument that any embedded system that needed to ditch 
an XML parser probably has no business running a J2EE stack. *

Fwiw, the answer to this problem is to eliminate implmentation 
specific descriptors where possible. To paraphrase jwz - some 
people, when confronted with a vendor specific J2EE descriptor think 
“I know, I’ll use a deployment tool.” Now they have two problems.

Bill de hÓra

* [It's possible btw, to make small footprint and fast XML parsers 
(such as aelfred or piccolo). I have no idea why a number of open 
source ones insist on piling on the cruft, but they do.]

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