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From Greg Wilkins <>
Subject Re: Geronimo Deployment Descriptors
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2003 01:02:19 GMT

Jeremy Boynes wrote:

> Why not try it out?

Because I have a fundamental disagreement with the approach.
Duplication and ignoring the standard descriptors is bad.
This is a strong felt concern, and I would need to see a lot more
support for your approach before I put this concern aside.

I'm also dubious if ignoring the standards descriptor is the right thing
to do when it comes to certification time.  It probably will pass the
test suite in practise, but not in spirit.

Also because I want all deployment descriptors to work the same
way and I don't want to start writing code to duplicate the content
of web.xml.

 >>Would it be possible to change the descriptor loading code so
 >>that when it needs load a GeronimoEjbJarDocument it:
 >>  1) loads ejb-jar.xml into a GeronimoEjbJarDocument
 >>  2) loads geronimo-ejb-jar.xml on top of the Document loaded from 1)
 > The problem is conflict resolution and validation (my example on
 > conflicting views). If we can solve both of those then this might work.

OK then remove the standard elements for the geronimo-ejb-jar.xsd and
we have no more conflict problems.    Validation is still somewhat of
an issue, as we need to ensure that items described in the geronimo descriptor
are included in the standards descriptor, but that is not a difficult validation
to perform over the pojos once they are built in memory.

Besides, it must be solvable problem - as all other containers use
the standard + container style of deployment descriptors.

As Aaron and I have both suggested, I think having a unified POJO model
in memory is good - but that the model should be loaded/saved from multiple
files for standard + container.


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