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From Erin Mulder <>
Subject Re: [wiki] I really think we should use the codehaus wiki
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 22:54:16 GMT
>> Also, what kinds of oversight support does MoinMoin offer?  One of the
> I have not played with it very much but I think you can watch pages and 
> get notifications when stuff changes.

I use MoinMoin at work and like it a lot.   Once you set yourself up as 
a user, you can subscribe to pages and/or regular expressions.   (So to 
get an email when anything changes anywhere, just subscribe to *) 
"Logged in" users also get breadcrumbs at the top making it easy to 
navigate without extra backwards links.

The default style is very clean, you can embed HTML if you have to, and 
macros are very easy to create.

IIRC, MoinMoin stores complete copies of pages as they change, while 
UseModWiki stores some kind of monster diff.   The former is easier if 
you ever want to convert again, but may be harder on disk space.

The only major complaint I have is that within the editor, you can't put 
a line-break in the middle of a formatting element.   For tables in 
particular, this means that every table row has to be typed in as one 
long line.   Of course, there may be an extension to fix that.   Not sure.


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