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From Elias Sinderson <>
Subject Re: [wiki] I really think we should use the codehaus wiki
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 22:54:12 GMT
Jason Dillon wrote:

> [...] some markup will need to change to get things to look preatty 

Certainly, although this could be accomplished with a (couple/few?) 
carefully crafted sed scripts. Creating a mapping from UseMod to 
MoinMoin markups should be pretty straightforward, especially as UseMod 
only has a subset of the possible markups that MoinMoin offers. The 
greater burden would be on users to update their pages over time so as 
to take advantage of the def Moin styles.

> [...]  I think you can watch pages and get notifications when stuff 
> changes. 

Yes, MoinMoin allows you to subscribe to pages (although the user 
management capabilities leave something to be desired). FWIW, I've been 
really impressed with the hackability of MoinMoin...


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