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From Jules Gosnell <>
Subject Component Lifecycle... / euthanasia
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 13:56:32 GMT
an interesting point came up at work today...

the guys here have some Session Facades over an MBean service on JB*ss.

The service was created and started OK, then at a later date got itself 
into an inconsistant state - it needed redeployment, and might even have 
been able to signal this to it's container, but there was no mechanism 
for it.... - requests kept coming in through the facades that could have 
been balanced elsewhere in the cluster...

I guess I am proposing some mechanism whereby a component can signal 
it's broken-ness to it's container which can then try e.g. redeploying 
it, or if that fails, undeploying it and notifying an administrator. 
Undeploying it would have had a knock on effect down the dependency tree 
and undeployed it's facades and future client requests would then have 
been directed to a fully functional node and satisfied - everyone is happy.

I know we are looking to implement mandatory fn-ality ASAP and not get 
sidetracked into creeping feature-itis, but I would like to just put the 
germ of an idea at the back of peoples minds so that space might be left 
for something like this....




Of course it is possible that the component may be so badly broken  that 
it is not aware that it needs killing off - perhaps we could have some 
sort of periodic test that the container could apply - if a component 
fails it it gets re-started/deployed...

 * Jules Gosnell
 * Partner
 * Core Developers Network (Europe)

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